We handle all your outsource work, for commercial projects, RDP and mining house developments. We offer full onsite support and service to ensure that you meet your project deadlines. We source and procure material for your project at the best prices.


Open cut Trenching and cabling solutions

Turnkey Solutions supply and install cabling (fibre optic, LV armoured cabling)

Wholesale Suppliers and Installers of Fibre optic ducting


Laminate flooring

Industrial cleaning and preparation of existing factory floors for an epoxy coating or equivalent

Hydro blast cleaning

Co2 Pellet Blasting

Epoxy floor installations

Laminate floors – we have to have the brands we stock, KaindL, kronopol
(Venus, luna, Ferrum, Helio)
Carpets – Belgotex, VAN DYCK, NOUWENS (Wholesalers)
Turf SYNTHETIC GRASS – Duraturf, Easigrass (Wholesalers)


We Offer Domestic, Commercial and Industrial waterproofing solutions

Torch-on/Bitumen based waterproofing systems

Acrylic waterproofing Systems

Cementitious waterproofing systems

Jointing and sealing of Expansion joint

Sealing of joints in road surfaces, runways and airport hangars, sealing of construction joints in walls and floors in commercial and industrial buildings


Safety and quality are key components of our company culture Refine Properties. The health, safety and quality of our work sites is and has always been our top priority.

It is critical that we have a heightened sense of safety at Refine because many of our projects are completed in and around the general public.

We continually update every team member’s safety knowledge and skills through our preferred accredited installation processes.

We also strive to be an industry leader in safety by utilizing the latest technology for our equipment and processes. This not only minimizes risk and creates a safe work environment, but it also improves productivity, saves time and reduces costs, the benefits of which are all passed on to our clients.

All staff is trained on local OHSA safety guidelines, And last but not least, we create safe working environments with good old fashioned cleanliness. It is a proven fact that a clean, organized job site is a safe job site.